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FoalGro foal milk replacer

FoalGro foal milk replacer is now available in 1.25 kg containers, 5 kg & 10 kg pails and 20 kg bags.

The Need

In an ideal world, all foals would be born healthy, vigorous and able to feed well. Unfortunately, at birth the newborn foal can be compromised, debilitated and in a weakened state.

This may be because:

  • The foal is weak and unable to nurse.
  • The foal has been orphaned for some reason.
  • The mare does not produce sufficient milk.


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  • Grober Nutrition has been manufacturing milk replacers for 30 years and is the major manufacturer of Foal milk replacer in Canada.
  • We only use edible grade raw materials in everything we manufacture at Grober Nutrition.
  • Grober Nutrition is HACCP Certified by SGS Canada under the ANAC Feed Safety Program.

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The Importance of Foal Milk Replacer

— It’s not just for emergencies anymore When the topic of milk replacer comes up we think of its use for orphaned foals in traumatic situations where replacing milk is of the utmost urgency. While this remains a valid reason, milk replacers have been...

Inish’Or Farm – Vicki Dickson

“We lost our dear mare unexpectedly when Olive was 4 days old. On the way back from the hospital we grabbed some Grober milk replacer and fed it to the foal as soon as we got home. She drank immediately from a bucket.We then debated long and hard about...

Rebecca Hertel – Breeder

I don’t think I will ever forget the horror of losing my mare so suddenly and unexpectedly the day after she’d foaled. The emotions were two-fold…grief over having lost such a kind and wonderful mare, and concern over what lay ahead for her day old...